Coaching people is one of the effective ways to bridge the gap between where we are and where we would like to be.

Through her coaching expertise, Hasina Ranaivo will accompany people to have the confidence for who they are, from where they have been and for what they know.

Individual Coaching

Through  individual coaching sessions, we invite people to explore out of their comfort zone and to build their own miracles. We accompany them to believe in their cons and in their weaknesses in order to transform it into strengh. We help people to raise their awareness and identify their inner potential.

THE 3 S « Decide your Next Move »

Single, Strategic Session : One hour to answer to your question and to identify your first steps.

THE L.E.H « Little Extra Help »

Three hours sessions to explore your current Leadership Challenge (Team, Communication and Time)

THE ASSESMENT LAB « Explore your Future »

3 Months commitment to design your career opportunities and to create your worklife mix.

Corporate Coaching

Through collective coaching sessions, we accompany corporate to build bridges between their human ressources. We make them aware of their collective intelligence and their strength in being and working together. We have the challenges to make them more productive and efficient, self aware of their collective potential. We will work on the real challenges in Communication and in Collaboration.

THE ASSESSMENT LAB  » Build your Collective Future  » for Managers in Corporates and Organizations

3 Months commitment to learn about co-exploring and co – experiencing. Identifying the collective Challenge and re adapting the culture and the mindset to face the collective Challenge

3 hours sessions a month

THE EC COACHING (For Executive Commitee)  » Surprise Yourself and Be Vulnerable  » for Board of Directors  in Corporates and organizations

The Six Months Pass for exploring new ways of leading and directing. We give opportunities to Directors to use their Emotional Intelligence and to discover new postures of Leaders.

THE CSE COACHING (For C Suite Executives)  » Meet your Shadow  » for CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, …

The One year Pass for breathing, to be listened and focusing on the real adaptive challenges. We accompany C Suites Executives in dealing with their real adaptive challenges. We have specific programs such as Solitude for Leaders, Managing Hungers, Anchoring yourself and Get on your balcony to deal with  C suites Executives Challenges.



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