Thank you 2018 and Welcome 2019,

Once again, it is time to make resolutions and promises. Let me be honest with you, be honest with me.

This year, I promise to myself to focus on my basics, no self pressures, no control freak, let it go and live and enjoy things as it may arrive. I promise that I will take pleasure for every moment I will have, and I for that, I would like to share some ideas with you:

Be Human: I love this word Human, it makes me smile and live. It fits with every person, human being, and we can have all the ressources that we need. It is about spirituality, emotions and actions.

As a Human, we have capacities to transform ourselves by ourselves, we have internal ressources: faith, motivation, strength, beliefs, wishes, needs, and dreams. I was wondering if animal could dream, I do not have the answer, I think we are so lucky to have this authorization to dream, to make dreams and to realize it.

This year, I invite you to go and meet yourself and love every part of you, imperfections included. Do not be afraid of being out of the box. Be authentic, be real and assume it as you can.

Choose the life you want to have and look around you because alternatives exist, open your windows and bridge your walls. Go outside and take risks.

Sometimes, you can not do it alone, you need to say Help, you can say I can’t do it alone, you can say I need you… You are human, you can be vulnerable and realize great things

This year, I wish for all of you the space to be yourself, to be real, authentic and true. Be close to you values and to all your inner self beliefs.

Simplicity is the right way to be Human and to be Real