« Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? I don’t understand what is all that? »

Sometimes we can feel this kind of negative emotion, we are anxious, stressed and maybe angry. We do not understand what is happening. We try to find the answers. We try to justify ourselves and to identify who’s responsible for what.

We go round and round in circles and it seems like a one way road.

I am 39 and when I look at my past, I am grateful for everything I lived, and I can say that I am more grateful for all the downs I had. It is true, we learn from our past, our mistakes and our downs.

It is like the rainbow after the storm. It is like the calm after the earthquake. I could see that my miracles always came after my mistakes, my hard times, my negative experience.

I had my three little boys after 7 years of long treatments to have children.

I graduated from the largest schools in the world after more than 15 years of professional experience with ups and downs.

Believe in your own miracles. Your life is your best teacher and it is up to you to change your way of seeing and receiving all the things happening to you. I changed my way of thinking.

I have Faith in God and I believe that there is no hazard, all is written. I strongly think that we can influence things.

Receive your downs as gifts and transform them into strengths  and ups. When you are in complicated situation where you feel disappointed, lost and useless, live your negative emotions fully, listen to what’s happening in your body and let the feelings live and go away. Identify your needs of the moment and take things step by step. Then take your time to observe what has happened and define the lessons from everything. « what does not kill us makes us stronger » and it makes us aware of our potential of adaptation and transformation.

Use your negative emotions to get you up from the ground. Anger, sadness and fear can be your allies if you use them to prepare yourself to go beyond your control and your comfort zone. A mother can have great inner strength when she feels her children are in danger. She might be scared and at the same time she can get inside her an incredible strength.

Your mistakes tell you that there is a lot to do and the best is yet to come so go on, move forward and hold steady!