We have less than 2% differences with chimpanzees. We have about 98% similarity with chimpanzees. Our difference from Chimp is that we are Human. We tend to forget the power of being Human. We are so absorbed by our daily routine and we are tired of trying to be like others. The power of being Human is very simple. It is going back to basics: Breathing, inhale and exhale, living, enjoying little things. I am mother of 3, a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur and an social active woman. I always hear that question: What do you do? What do you do to hold steady? How can you handle all that? We know that here in Madagascar, when you are a woman, a wife and a mother, you have to deal with so many people and many things: your family, your family in law, the community and so one… I can understand the stress. After all these years of experimenting this life , now I can say that being Human is the most powerful way for me to deal with them. Being Human is first being Vulnerable : letting go of being strong so we can have the capability to try again, to make mistakes and then having multiple ways to be better. Asking for help and being allowed to do that. Being Human is breathing: you inhale and you exhale. There can be ups and there can be downs and so what, you live. You can have valleys in your life and it is okay. All signs that you are real and you live. You appreciate more things when it was harsh to have them. Being Human is being infinite. When we are newborn, we feel infinite because we are the God image. We can do anything and we do not have barriers. We feel free to walk, to smile, to be… We are with endless potential… Being Human is having capabilities to transform our mistakes: today is a new day and we have opportunity every day to do things differently and to be better than yesterday. Being Human is being aware of our own choices: we have choices and we can decide our next move. We must be aware of our responsibilities. Being Human is to love ourselves and others. We have one heart and it is the effective way to change our world. Loving and spreading positive emotions through acts of love. Being Human is living every stage of life with freedom and enjoying every lessons we could have when we are babies, children, young, adult and senior. We develop inner qualities at all stage of our lives and we must be aware of that. Being Human is being authentic and unique… Through my coaching practice, I bring more humanity and love into people’s lives and corporates. I strongly think that we are our bestLead. HR