Hasina Ranaivo



Hasina Ranaivo is a Global Executive Coach and an Adaptive Leadership Consultant.

She accompanies High Executives, High level of decision makers, Women entrepreneurs and Young potential for more than 15 years. She brings more Humanity and Love into corporate world through her Coaching practices and she helps people to raise their awareness and to be conscious of their inner potential. She believes in the Power of dreaming and she allows people to act on their dreams and to get back to their basics. She strongly thinks that our downs in life are our best teachers and she accompanies people to use their downs and their negative situations to evolve and to renew.

After working in corporates and coaching for more than 15 years, Hasina Ranaivo is certified in Global Executive Coaching from HEC Jouy-en-Josas (Paris) and also certified in the Art and Practice of Leadership Development from HARVARD KENNEDY SCHOOL Cambridge (Boston).

She is member of the Adaptive Leadership Network, the HEC Community Coaches and the New Leaders for Tomorrow.

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